We have created a mobile cross platform application for Windows 8, iPad and Android using Xamarin in combination with MvvmCross. Sunny App not only enables users to collaborate in live meetings and other media, but also allows an interactive navigation throughout the App.

This project is solving the Space Mission Roadmap challenge.


Sunny App will provide an interactive navigation throughout the App. The App is available on Windows 8 Store, iPad and Android devices. We've created the Apps using the best cross-platform solution Xamarin in combination with MvvmCross. This allows us to use C# and .NET to create full native Apps.

The main idea of the App is to provide an interactive solution for navigating though the Missions from various sources. Social is also a key idea for the app. We tried (and want) to achieve this using live streaming, real time updates and chatting all made possible within the App itself. We've also included news items and announcements per Mission and latest NASA news all in one single solution.

Our vision is this App becoming the platform to share Mission data to and from. Including for example product road maps instead of mission road maps. This will allow people to follow a product in it's whole life cycle instead of a snippet.

An even greater vision might be a fully collaborative platform within the NASA organization as well as the rest of the world!

Everything can be found on our GitHub repository!

More info on our technology: Xamarin: MvvmCross: * SignalR:

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Wendy Mensink
  • Hans Harts
  • Robbert van der Pas
  • Arjan Nieuwenhuis
  • Jeffrey Klink Logeman