Project goal: Create a web based dashboard for a public audience using a novel way to visualize storm surge relative to normal tides. User selects a location and the dashboard displays forecast storm tide data relative to the user's elevation.

This project is solving the Coastal Inundation in Your Community challenge.


Prototype will focus on Broward County, Florida, USA (Fort Lauderdale) for its size, shape, location, and data availability. This is subject to change. The project code and information will be hosted and available at

Dashboard Items

  • Dynamic map window where user can view and select a location of interest
  • Graphical representation distinguishing between the tides, storm surge, and storm tides
  • Side-by-side graphical representations of the relative water surface elevations for the tide and storm tide, and a depiction of the local depth of flooding
  • Site specific warning system to alert the user to the anticipated danger in ways consistent with local evacuation procedures
  • Realtime storm path and storm characteristics tracking
  • List of Historical storms that produced significant surge in the area
  • Links to comparative literature regarding the ongoing event and other recent storm events

Data Sources

  • NOAA tide data
  • TPXO tide data
  • NHC hurricane data
  • Local evacuation zone data
  • FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer
  • Local LiDAR or Digital Coast LiDAR
  • User input

Priorities for weekend development

Conceptual design using sample data, creating something that is integrated to real time data is a long term goal. This product will depend on the quality of data available to feed it.

  • Build tide time series plotter, integrating a storm surge component
  • Build visualization relating tides with user elevation
  • Build map featuring predicted inundation given surge, and ultimately allowing user interaction

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL:


Storm Tide Dashboard, Concept - Data - Plan -


  • Curtis Smith
  • Taylor Asher
  • Saurabh Kulkarni
  • Jesse Hayden