Stalkroid is a tracker which checks everyday the last asteroid approaches to the Earth. It gives some general information for the common public for their better understanding avoiding complex concepts, and also tries to educate them explaining why space exploration and asteroid tracking is so important for humanity.

This project is solving the Visualize the Asteroid Skies challenge.


Asteroid study is a revelation for understanding the early Solar System, the Extremophiles, the materials asteroid possess, its mining for global economy fuel and for divergence of the potential threat it poses. This is the next generation technology driven emerging science and it will in coming years take us to the frontier of space science exploration.

Stalkroid project emphasizes on tracking of asteroids which are in close proximity to Earth on a daily basis. The data information which we are using for graphical representation is taken from NASA’s Near Earth Object Program. The information conveyed are asteroid's name, its size in meters, its closest distance to Earth in Kilometers and its relative velocity in kilometer per second. The date mentioned is the date of asteroid’s closest approach to our planet.

Using this project, amateur astronauts, space techies and scientists can observe and track these asteroids, study their orbital behaviour and analyse the gravitational impacts. Various observatories and laboratories can perform experiments using infrared, ultraviolet or x ray imaging spectroscopy to study the chemistry and science of material of these asteroids.

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  • Abhishek Kaushik
  • deepak mishra
  • David Lechon