Have you ever tried to find some information about space missions? Often the information are hard to find and difficult to understand. We tried to simplify this process, creating a social platform that can allow you to explore in a easy way these datasets. In our platform you can filter information according to various parameters, you can also follow your favorites missions in order to gain the latest news.

This project is solving the Space Mission Roadmap challenge.


We created a web site and an android application in order to get informations easily about missions all over the universe. The application offers an intuitive and lovely interface which permits you to choose missions that are completed, in progress or programmed in the future.

When you select a date range you can filter results by choosing beetwen availables agency and on the mobile application you can follow a mission and put it in yuor favourites tab.

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Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)



  • Amine Nokra
  • Vito Mannina
  • Andrea Deidda
  • Krystyna  Samoylenko
  • Claudia Adamczuk
  • Gianfranco Incandela
  • Amine Nokra
  • Luigi Montanaro