Web Application that shows location of different Space Station images of Earth presented on a 2D map. Clicking on markers allows you to see these images and other information related to this picture such as date and time acquisition, coordinates, phenomena, country and continent of the place. Furthermore it is allowed to comment on them, select a punctuation, share it on a social network and download it.

This project is solving the Earth Images From Space Station challenge.


This project aims to display Space Station images of Earth on a 2D map. Pictures have been downloaded from a Nasa ftp site and are showed by a marker on the map. Each of the pictures have a .JGW and a .JPEG.AUX.XML file that have geographical information in order to place the image correctly. A database is created in which there is a table with geographical information that stores image information. To know coordinates of each picture .JGW and .JPEG.AUX.XML are readed and coordinates are inserted into the table. Having this information all the pictures can be visualised on the map.

An other option that we would like to include would be to filter information according to the country and continent. This information is stored in the table, so that we can know in what country and continent is each picture. When the web app is loaded, the user is able to select if she/he just want to see images from a country. In this case other pictures would be hidden and the map would be centered into that country/continent.

The user can click on a marker that shows where is each picture from. Then a popup will show the picture with its metadata (date and time acquisition, coordinates in WGS84, phenomena, comments, votes -general votes, votes of this month and of this week- and shares). It is in this moment when it is allowed to comment, share on a social network, vote or download the image.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Pablo Crespo Peremarch
  • Pau Martí Pellicer
  • Pablo Domingo Gómez