The project solar1strenght << >> is a project to build a large dish of solar panels connected in, absorbed energy will be concentrated in the center of the dish, in a vault as laser.en effect This energy is used to destroy elements of the space like asteroids, and other satelites forsaken ..... through this project, can brighten any point in space thanks to our receivers plates that we instaled in the same space and terrestrial machine.

This project is solving the Asteroid Watchers challenge.


as we have already explained, the goal is transported solar power in space, for effective use of energy released by the soleir.vous're not a clunker aware that the nuclear or atomic used merely destroy our espace.ainsi, instead of using nuclear bombs to destroy the asteroid, thanks to them we can destroy these astéroÏs has released this condencé and energy, while preserving space. they may also fueled much Earth energy.

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License: Adaptive Public License (APL-1.0)

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Methode de la NASA pour capturer les Astéroids -
désintégration d'un astéroide -


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  • Bagbazam PALI
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