The detection of sky color is a way to quantitatively know the exact conditions of the nearby atmosphere. The App in Android (initially) helps capture the sky color with focus on the clear sky (and not the clouds) and send it to the server. People can self-inform the present conditions that will be tracked and later be used for comparative analysis along with comparisons with Aeronet.

This project is solving the My Sky Color challenge.


The picture click of the sky from the app will give a clear observation of aerosol loading but the crowd-sourcing the data also help improve the service better. Proposed Solution: 1. Develop a method to use a smartphone camera to quantitatively assess sky color using sky color protocols; pull in the nearest Aeronet (or similar) data; present the sky color. 2. Use Aeronet information together for further analysis; 3. Allow users to compare the data from a single location in different times and locations.

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  • Bishwas Mishra