SkyCorpus is not an application. SkyCorpus is an attempt to create the largest open base of knowledge about the blue sky. I want to suggest an efficient tool for developers to easily help us to collect this database. Moreover, I want to provide an easy access to our database, which can significantly contribute in scientist’s research, also developers will have an opportunity to use this database in their own applications; and finally average users can enjoy the picturesque snapshots.

This project is solving the My Sky Color challenge.


SkyCorpus - it's an uniform database about the blue sky. The database contains the colour of the sky and clouds, the amount of clouds, brightness of the sky, and the actual data obtained from AERONET. Of course, all images are stored. These are not all the possible features, we can easily add new, so if you have any ideas and suggestions, please contact me.

SkyCorpus library – it’s a tool for developers, which will help them to expand our database. All you need to do is to load the image of the sky in this tool. It will automatically process the image and record the necessary data into the SkyCorpus database. You can record data in your own database, but it would be cool if everyone would write them in one place.

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SkyCorpus API - interface through which developers will be able to obtain the necessary information from the database and use it in their applications. It can be educational application that will allow citizen scientist to reflect on the situation in his location. It can be a fun application that will search for the clouds which will be similar in shape with kitten or even one of your fellows; or it can be just an amazing photo of sky in your city. And most importantly, these data can be used in serious research related to air pollution. Definitely, this dataset gives a plenty of different options.

There are lots of applications of these data, but first we need to collect them. And doing it together, we will make a huge contribution to the earth research!

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  • Vladimir Glazachev