Our idea is to create a game which shows the player a satellite image of a place somewhere in the world. The person then has to guess the location's name. If his or her guess is correct he or she wins a point and moves to the next question. Should he fail, the game ends, his score is saved and the location which he or she didn't guess correctly is shown again with some information. We are also developing a time lapse of every location which shows how it has changed in the past few years.

This project is solving the Where on Earth challenge.


We aim to create a fun and pleasing experience for the player through which he or she can not only have fun but learn new things about the world around him or her. We are going to develop an Android application that incorporates our idea.

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Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)



  • Valyo Yolovski
  • Milen Donchev
  • Trayan Mitev
  • Lea Georgieva