Our project aims to provide a platform where people can share information about current landslides or potential risks regarding rains and landslides. Complementing that is the mapping of rain and citizens' reports in specific areas. Through this, people have a chance to avoid disaster in their neighbourhoods, alert others from their community and follow reports from places that matter to them.

This project is solving the Track a Landslide challenge.


The web mobile app is a platform to provide input on landslides and possible risk situations regarding heavy rainfall. A user can provide a report based on location information from the device (or manually provided), along with an optional picture taken from the phone camera. While posting, the user can also mark one option of description of what is going on (landslide, severe landslide affecting housing, etc.) and/or provide a text comment. The platform plots the reports in a map.

The map with reports is accessible through the web, via a mobile interface. It shows the reports from citizens and current rainfall data. It is also possible to subscribe to alerts from citizens in an specific area, either if you are a fellow citizen or an NGO aiming to provide help.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Leonardo Denega
  • tiago gaspar
  • Andriele Menegotto
  • Cristian Madrid
  • Christian Oliveira
  • Matheus Abegg
  • Tania Gonzales
  • Romulo Santos
  • Marcelo Fontoura
  • Gabriel Novakovski Nunes