Pictroid is an open-source space imagery sharing service that enables researchers to share their knowledge of the universe. We are designing it to maximize the potential of the data, while remaining fun and user friendly. In short, Pictroid is an easy, exciting, and enlightening forum for the distribution of knowledge!

This project is solving the Asteroid Imagery Sharing challenge.




The sky is falling, but you can help! Post a pic to help us track Near-Earth Objects and save the chickens from destruction.

Pictroid is an open-source space imagery sharing platform that was created to complete the Asteroid Imagery Sharing Challenge. The app is being designed specifically to empower both researchers and hobbyists to both share and collaborate on their scientific discoveries. It will provide a chatting system where users can discuss the images, a tagging system for easy categorization of space imagery, and meta graphs that are based on astronomical data that users have attached to the images.

Our vision does not stop there; we envisage a service where the images and information shared by Pictroidians can be amalgamated into a massive knowledge base of extraterrestrial activity. This data could be used to calculate orbits, track near earth objects, and discover habitable planets. The potential is endless!

During the Space Apps Challenge, we were able to get an up-and-running version of the project, but it is a large endeavor for a small team, and as a result, the current version is a bit alpha.

Things we got done:

- Basic Flickr integration

- Basic Kimono integration

- Server and Base Project

- UI views

In the future, we plan to add/finish:

- Astronomical data system.

- Database integration with more space image APIs.

- User system.

---- Basic user system. <-- Finished!

---- Conversation system. <-- Temporarily implemented using Disqus. Will be revised later.

---> Image upload system.

- Image categorization system.

- Meta graphs based on image data.


Many thanks to Kimono Labs (http://www.kimonolabs.com/) for letting us use their service for free! Their web scrapper utility is critical for the next stage of the Pictroid project.

We also owe much gratitude to Parse (https://www.parse.com/) for giving us a free pro account that we can use for backend services.

Rackspace (http://rackspace.com/) has been very supportive of the project, and has given us an enormous amount of cloud storage free. We rely on that storage for user-uploaded images.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/codexa/pictroid


Production Site - https://pictroid.herokuapp.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/pictroid_app
Google+ - https://plus.google.com/102656642692538445867/
YouTube - https://youtube.com/user/pictroid


  • H R
  • Jack Doiron
  • Joshua Smith