Its an Android app that locates publically available Space Station images of Earth and presents them. ePicEarth use the iSERV service to show new images taken from International Space. Viewers can comment, vote, download, and share the images, also, viewers can apply different filters to watch a specific category.

This project is solving the Earth Images From Space Station challenge.


ePicEarth purports to show work in the space stations. Encourage the participation of users and distribution of content through social networking. The solution is composed of a mobile application and a web platform. In the mobile application users may comment on photos, rate, download, share or set it as wallpaper. may also filter the photos in different categories (by country, continent or phenomenon). Includes user registration, top ten pictures per week, and the spatial information Guatemalan mission

Project Information

License: PHP License 3.0 (PHP-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/chiiiky14/picearth



  • Rigoberto  Arriaza
  • Antonia Jimenez
  • Isabela Jimenez
  • vinicio montoya
  • jorge daniel lopez medrano
  • Eduardo Fuentes
  • Benjamin Solano
  • Josue Lopez
  • José De la O
  • Josué Serrano
  • saul martinez
  • Heber Echeverria
  • Randhal Ramirez
  • Rigoberto  Arriaza