The ISS Photo Tagger & Gallery is an application that astronauts on the ISS can use to take photos of various locations on earth and post it to twitter. Astronauts can use this app to engage people on earth by creating Image Trivia. There will a dedicated website to display all images taken from ISS to show where each photo was captured and what of. View gallery feed at:

This project is solving the SpaceT challenge.


Our application aims to help astronauts easily identify and capture locations on Earth and for people on Earth to view content and interact with data.

Astronauts aboard ISS can use the app to take photos and easily identify what location exists in the photo by tagging each photo to the default location of ISS directly above earth. They then have a choice of correcting location to Country or City by populated list nearby the tagged location. Astronauts can then easily share the photo and location of photo by posting to Twitter from the same app.

For people on Earth, they will be able to get a look of what different parts of Earth looks like, interact with archive of images and engage with astronauts for some Geography Trivia.

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Saif Mahamood
  • Ashley Martis
  • Qusai Al-Nazer
  • Karim Moussa
  • Affan Sajid