Native Earthling Organization Networks [ NEON ] "Dedicated to future technology focusing on sustainable resources. Broadcasting Interactive Internet to increase knowledge and unify the global communities on Earth and beyond".

This project is solving the Bring the Internet to Deep Space Exploration challenge.


The interactive Internet is the most important resource to sustain. Humans demand education and accessibilies to the Internet. NEON [Native Earthling Organization Networks] aims to do what PBS did for television in the late 60's. To create a Publicly funded Internet to expand throughout the cosmos and native habitat of planet Earth. NATIVE EARTHLING, INC. is a 501(c)3 non-profit technology and motion picture corporation; incorporated in the United State of Nevada. NEON is a certified Microsoft Executive Partner. Research and development for Microsoft & NASA/JPL have taken place for the past few years for the unmanned missions to Mars; utilizing technologies such as Xbox; XNA, Kinect for Windows, and serval other development platforms. Within this research liquid water has been discovered. Recent publications of the Windows game: "NEOFLY Mars Water 3D" showcases images from the initial discovery of a caldera of liquid water in the Mawrth region of the planet Mars, discovered by Special Media Relations III and NEON team captain; Chief August Craft. Furthermore, the game images have been rendered into stereoscopic 3D (cyan & red glasses are necessary, but not required). Shortly after the publication of the game, International disclosures of liquid water on Mars were announced.

"Greetings everyone, I am excited to announce that my scientific research paper for a plasma-ion thruster has been submitted and accepted by SpaceX for the Hyperloop contest on Earth. Initially I hypothesized the thrusters would only be implemented in deep space, however, the Hyperloop will be a opportunity for valuable utilization of a plasma-ion thruster. I have designed a plasma ion thruster for deep space exploration. Furthermore, I have been participating in the Space Apps Challenges for the past few years. I have been developing and publishing videogames as a learning environment for the unmanned missions to Mars. I also aided in the algorithms that send pulse packets of data to relayed transceivers outside the VanAllen belt".

August Craft Microsoft Research NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Special Media Relations III ยท December 12, 2012 to present

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