My basic idea: the future belongs to the industriality, the business, the comsic exploration. In the base of all this lie the robotic/automatic mechanisms, that will be able to be controlled/rulled by great distance.



Many biological species have disappeared or evolved through the history of our planet. Such could be the fate of mankind – to disappear or to evolve. What makes us different from other biological species is CONSCIOUSNESS.Through the centuries, people have looked for ways to preserve it, even after death. We have yearned for immortality and forever youth and this is evident from our religions and legends. Maybe the answer for this task are robotic technologies. Today, we create more and more intelligent machines, fulfilling different tasks for the people. Only two simple movements are used for that – linear shift and rotation. By the people, these movements are commanded by the brain.

After the Big Bang, in the newborn Universe, the elementary particles (electrons, protons etc.) were ordered by the same movements too (linear shift and rotation). There are many other examples; that’s why I think that the future belongs the robotic technologies. But at this level, according to me, the level of the development of the robotic technologies is the same, as the one of the electronics, when it was at the stage of lamps and transistors. With the discovery of the logical circuit NAND the development of the technologies changed a lot. I think, that if one could create “algebra” similar to the Boolean one (for the binary code), we could go much further.

For example, it is possible many industrial estates to become unnecessary. The production technologies will change. These functions will be realized by mobile robotic units. The same happened, when the PCs replaced the huge electronic- computing machines. The basic mega-robotic cell –chip will be equivalent of the silicone chip. When these units become minimized and optimized to high degree, they will be able to communicate via Internet. Every location, where there are such units, will be able to produce goods and to trade off with it. This demands the appropriate software and improved Mobile Robotic Industrial Unit (MRIU).The principle of functioning of MRIU , producing the commerce products, could be seen from this example:

A business has software for design of kid toys, whose fair is situated in another country. But the most MRCU’s, needed for this production process are located in another city. The assembling of the needed units MRCU will take certain time, but not too much. The Business could order via Internet realization of a project for the desired toy and for a certain time, they will be produced and could enter the trade network immediately. So, a desired product could be realized via great distance.

How the system MRIU will look out, we could see from Diagram 2. The first MRCU’s will be hybrids. When this is succeeded, it would be possible to go further – to send MRIU’s in the space.

My job as millitary engineer was associated with the prototype of the robotized mechanisms for millitary purposes. I was engaged in the development of the basic positioning mechanisms(rotation and linear movement). The basic frequency of the motors is 400 Hz, H2W system.

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