Our project simply operate based on space temperature sensing. It uses the LM35 temperature sensor interfaced together with the PIC16F877 Micro-chip controller.The LM35 senses the surrounding temperature value to the chip and they communicate with our system and update the people that can access our open source code webpage about the exact temperature based on selected time that the astronauts are feeling or experiencing.

This project is solving the Cool it! challenge.


The micro-controller takes an analogue input voltage from the output pin of the sensor(LM35) through the pin RA0/AN0,then it firstly calculates the received value by converting it in the ADRESL and ADRESH to the corresponding temperature value in degrees or Fahrenheit Celsius. And then the value get displayed on the LCD screen display connected on it on show the astronauts the surrounding temperature and after it send the value to the radStudio XE5 application where the values of the temperature are stored changing per minute. And the user at home can access our open source code webpage where he/she can also be able to see the values of the temperature that has been recorded from space.In short the aim of this project is to increase the ability of undeserved communities especially in rural areas about the awareness and accountability around environmental and space climate concerns.

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License: NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3)



  • Victor Ramatsetse
  • Isaac Hlengani