The Students of Barani Institute of information Technology, IT Department of Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi,(www.biit.edu.pk) Developed an Application i.e "Location Quest". This project was to attain images from the satellite resources given by NASA and then to provide these images to the users of our application to guess their target.

This project is solving the Where on Earth challenge.


The game is for windows phone and surface tab with a sleek GUI. The project aims to increase the knowledge of ordinary people about the earth and geography.The project is developed in less then 2 days. The language we used is Microsoft C# on visual studio 2013. Application is designed in XAML. The core functionality of this app is to reading files from disk, and displaying the answer to user with multiple options. The answer was available in the metadata of the image. This can be completed with the assistance of web service. A detail information about the quiz is also displayed with option to share on Facebook.

Project Information

License: Fair License (Fair)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/thirdknife/location-quest


Location Quest - https://github.com/thirdknife/location-quest


  • muddasar yamin
  • haseeb ahmad
  • Mussadaq Sultan
  • Moeen Naqvi
  • muddasar yamin