This project is solving the Track a Landslide challenge.

This is a crowdsourcing application which shows current landslide susceptible area around the world in real time maps. It also allows user to report a landslide. The app link the users' geographical location to the responses and display over a geographic area. It allows users to attach and upload images of landslide with additional info like landslide trigger, landslide type etc. With this anyone can get information about current landslide occurring throughout the world or nearby places.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Fahim Ahmed
  • rubiath alam
  • Hasanur Rahaman
  • Imtiaz Hossain
  • Md. Sharif - Ul -  Islam
  • Mamunul Mazid
  • Fazle Tanjil
  • Fida Muntaseer