Providing the user with accurate gravity measurement for his current or any specified location. The user can see the gravity measures on a 3D model on the earth, information provided by GOCE and obtained from Western Australian Centre for Geodesy, Curtin University Perth. Also the user can learn fun facts about gravity trough an interactive quiz.

This project is solving the Gravity Map challenge.

  • Giving the user a broad view of Earth gravity fields.

The measurements used are found on and mapped as a overlay of the Earth program found here .

  • Providing a precise gravity measures for a specific point on Earth.

By using the GPS technology the user can find out the exact gravity level on the location he is in the moment. Also the user can read gravity levels on any point on Earth by using the interactive 3D model of Earth.

  • Allows the user to learn about some facts and the nature of the gravity through an interactive quiz

  • Provides information about the ESA and NASA satellites (GOCE and GRACE), their missions and operations.

If the time doesn't set itself as a limit, we will also include gravity maps on other celestial bodies. Those information will be obtained here and here

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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Earth -
Western Australian Centre for Geodesy, Curtin University Perth -


  • Marko Shuntov
  • Marko Shuntov
  • Damjan Velickovski
  • Blagoj Atanasovski
  • Mirza Maznikar