Katlert is an instant alert system for earthquake. We think that Earthquake itself is a big alert so why does we need this. Most of us can feel the earthquake.

Importantly, we need to know that, Earthquake wave includes basically two types Primary wave (P-wave) and Secondary wave (S-wave). First P-wave is formed and S-wave follows it. Primary wave is that wave which we don't feel and many people says that animals(dog) and birds know the coming earthquake, actually they feels P-wave and know that earthquake is going to occur. P-wave is of very low magnitude and very less destructive but S-wave is of high magnitude and is very destructive.

We, human only feels S-wave so we have no much time to be safe, to help others. But the earthquake measurement instrument (Seismometer) can get information on both P-wave and S-wave. Our project Katlert is also depend on this same theory that, it alerts you when it get the signal of P-wave.

Now the most important part is how much time we have between P and S wave. Generally if you are about 150km away from the epicenter, then you have about 8-14 seconds, which might be sufficient to you to be safe. Something is better than nothing. If you feel the S wave directly then you have no time, but if you get P wave first then you have some time to be safe. And we all know how the seconds play role in these type of disaster.

Additionally, from the nature seismic wave, we can know about the coming disasters caused by earthquake like Tsunami, Avalanche, outburst of Glacier lakes, Volcano etc. So Katlert makes you alert before disaster knock at your door. Many system like electricity, fuel pipe, water supply, nuclear stations, chemical industries can be shut down in few seconds if we know that the earthquake is coming. It helps to prevent the extra disasters caused by earthquake.

People who are driving, walking, running machines and sleeping might not feel earthquake. In this condition, our Katlert makes the person know that earthquake is occurring so he/she can be prepared for safety.

Katlert is also focused on Himalayan region where glacier lakes are abundant. In case of earthquake in those places, it alerts the people living near or about near the place. It helps people to be prepared for upcoming disasters due to earthquake at glacier lakes.

Katlert includes a mobile app and web app. Mobile app alerts you before earthquake reaches to you. We are building it location based app so that the location around the epicenter only get the alert. From web app, students, teachers, researchers, scientists, journalist and other get information on earth earthquake on earth and view previous and current condition of the places.

Human makes technology, Now SAVE THE HUMAN FIRST !

Project Information

License: Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/pukar70/Katlert



  • Trilochan Bhatta
  • Pukar Maharjan