This project we will study for the studies done on how to prevent floods. This phenomenon represents a major natural hazard that affects a large part of the global territory. Internationally static show that more than 1000000 of the world's population are affected by the phenomena of floods. The solutions that we bring to the resolution of this phenomenon only affects flooding in small and medium scale.

This project is solving the Coastal Inundation in Your Community challenge.


The project is targeting floodplains and provide all the houses in this area a sump or tank capable of holding almost all the quantities of water that can befall the area. To be doing surveys should be conducted by NASA satellites should provide this information to the hydraulic unit dealing with sanitation deb area in question and thanks to previous static data carried thereon, it should estimate the maximum amount (volume) of rain could fall on the area, then divide that figure by the number of housing qu'├ęgorge this area and finally create sumps in each home with an average capacity. Sumps in question will be equipped with an electronic sensor water level (sensor with a satellite system GPS tracking to determine the position of the home in question) for transmitting a satellite signal announcing filling the sump the hydraulic unit dealing with the improvement of the area. And information will also be sent to the NAZA to perform statistics on this area. Information from each level sensors, hydraulic station should send tankers to make emptying cesspools they will empty into the great basin of hydropower plant and the water will be treated and then sold for domestic use, agricultural use , farms, ... The preview of the presentation of the draft circulated in power point can also be found on this link

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  • SOMANA Komlan
  • TATARIGUENI Moussoubaou
  • gypsie beya
  • RHODES Audrey
  • ali aminou