Take data from social media to determine the mood and wellbeing of users and overlay it geographically on climate data maps. Do we see changes in wellbeing associated with localised climatic conditions?

This project is solving the A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words challenge.


PART 1 : Using emoticons to indicate general mood and well being and post status updates using well known and already used hash tags to social media.

PART 2 : Visualisation app which acquires recent historic data for a particular mood and climate data for a location and plots the following... * Climate data * Map points for mood based social media messages (clusters are highly visible) The map contains a history slider which allows the user to slide back in time so that emergent behaviour for mood and climatic conditions become visually apparent. Mood epidemics can then be cross referenced with climatic conditions.

USES : * Scientific study of mood and well being based on climatic conditions * Validation of climatic measurements * Commerce - Making products available and accessible based on the mood and well being of the local population * Preparation - Surgeries and pharmacies can prepare for emerging trends in wellness * Community - City ordinance can make changes to local policy to enrich the lives of residents. e.g pollution control through traffic regulation

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

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  • Kate Arkless Gray
  • Dimitris Kousoulidis
  • Matt Thorne
  • Thomas Clarke
  • Maria Onoufriou