This project is aimed in creating a web page and a mobile application that would serve as a platform for solving challenging problems at the edge of the knowledge. There will be too main actors - companies and organizations that will define the main challenges on the one hand and a global pool of participants (individuals, teams, universities, etc.) willing to contribute for solving the challenges on the other. Jury and registered participants voting system will be used for rankings.


Ideally, the project will present a platform for crowd-solving of problems at the edge of the human knowledge. This can be achieved by motivating companies and organisations to look for solutions of their challenging problems by using different than the usual sources (Universities or highly paid experts). Motivation for participants can be achieved by maintaining ranking tables (by teams, towns, countries), issuing certificates, financial and project support stimuli or even job offers.

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License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"



  • Nedyalko Petrov