This project is solving the Growing Food for a Martian Table challenge.

The design(s) could specify for which location the greenhouse is intended (Mars), and include how the greenhouse would interface with the habitat to which it belongs, even if the rest of the habitat arrives after it. A concept of the habitat could be included; design of the rest of the habitat beyond the greenhouse and its interface to the habitat is not necessary

Desirable features of the greenhouse could include: small, stowage volume and mass; deployable upon landing; minimal resources for operations; run at low pressure; pre-planted media or growing system; “priming” volume of water and required gases; recycle the transpired water back to the roots; thermal control system, including internal air recirculation; harvest and store oxygen generated from plants; and use in-situ resources.

Ideas to consider for greenhouse design: inflatable, robotic harvesting of the crops; one crop cycle per greenhouse and then shutting down; drying crops in place; replanting capabilities; retrieving water and/or oxygen in system prior to shut down; supplying carbon dioxide as plants grow; opening thermal covers in day and closing the covers at night; generating photovoltaic power capable of running control systems and/or opening and closing covers; viable as a kit for deployment in arid regions on Earth; if the habitat occupants can visit the greenhouse and harvest the food themselves; and functions the greenhouse could serve the habitat beyond food/oxygen generation and water purification.

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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