A continuation of Green Mars from last year's Toronto Space App, Green Mars: Don't Burn our Food looks at the fire risks of a green house in space, as well as mitigation and supression option to prevent catastrophic and lethal space fires.

This project is solving the Growing Food for a Martian Table challenge.


Green Mars at the 2013 Toronto Space App developed a conceptual model of a greenhouse for the martian surface. However, having large amounts of organic matter, many electronic and mechanical components, and an oxygen rich atmosphere generates a very likely risk of a smouldering fire. A smouldering fire is not only very descructive, but is lethal and difficult to detect.

Green Mars: Don't Burn our Food looks at smouldering fires in the non-permissable environment of Mars or space. Possible ingnition sources are identified, and mitigated. Furthermore, supression options are to be discussed, as well as their failures should the greenhouse be coupled to a human colony.

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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  • William Sellier