the Green Edge of the Future organic technology is a terraformation platform. The proyect is created mentally pursue of mankind achievement through space and also to help humanity needs to prevent hunger around the world and to treat diseases, help society understand that we together the humans were capable of creating unimaginable ideas to broke the chains and change the world. understand that we need to cure hunger in any part of the globe for any reason and for sure beyond earth borders , the creation of a new auto sustained capable of producing vegetables and little trees. A greenhouse, that persues the creation of a new earth, wich is at this moment reachable (Mars) with the basic principles of a deployable greenhouse here on earth, controled environment with top technology and precisely measurement of nutrients and water. Capable of harvesting the best high quality vegetables and also capable to adapt in any environment here or out there. To push mankind conquer through the universe, by the hand of nature with it, this proyect is inteded to Change mankind concept of nature and human development by understanding nature survival. Because we humans are powerful between powerness.

This project is solving the Growing Food for a Martian Table challenge.


The Green Edge of the Future Organic Technology works with solar energy and all the process is connected with the micro Algae (Arthrosperis Maxima, Chlorella acutus, and Schenedesmus Dimorphus), The photobioreactor using Insitu resources from the Martian soil and collecting the CO2 from the Martian atmosphere, which is abundant co2 and then releasing O (oxygen). Microalgae absorbs as much as co2 wich uses as a primary source of photosynthesis chain growth this is the first terraforming process, to revive the life on Mars, give back the primary element for all biological life to evolve (Oxigen) . (future astronauts doesn't have to design nuclear power machines to recover the life on Mars). The location to be deployed will be on the north pole of Mars, so Algae may take the advantage to absorb the co2 from the Ice crust from the surface made by Methane and co2. Then the biomass produced by the algae and water from surface are collected in a hermetically sealed filter for human consumption and nutrients extraction, on the same filter a different use of the water is measured and save, water will fall drop by drop on the worms greenhouse only to maintain the h2o requirements to increase the reproduction of the worms and maintain the little guys healthy and stable so they can be more efficient during the sand and dust recovery on the specific Martian land location; this part will be more fertile. Worms Greenhouse is the 2nd terraform step to give back the sand and surface a compost rich in nutrients, so Astronauts may take advantage of this to increase the Growth on the vegetables, after the exact quantity of measure humidity is collected on the low part of the worms Greenhouse, the water will fall again in to a different filter to collect bacteria and some other objects like eggs from the worms and organic waste to prevent biological contamination on the Bio dome, during the process the nutritional medium (water) it takes all of the minerals caused by the worms that are eating human waste and organic waste on a separate Greenhouse , the worms are also taking as part of their feed the surface of mars as well as purifying the surface of a radioactive sand or sterile sand in case future political treatment may put Earth on risk( thermonuclear war) , this elements inside the water goes into the Bio dome with the exact amount of water since this quantity of water will be measured because water on Mars will not be abundant than earth. the amount water drops goes in to the aeroponic system which uses vermiculite to prevent evapo transpiration from the culture media. The Hydroponic duties is growing giant vegetables to be able to feed an important quantity of Astronauts on Mars and People on arid regions on earth in which water is non existent or non abundant , the Bio dome on earth and mars will be also used to secure endangered species of plants, lichens trees and moss. Includes a water reservoir on the low part of the dome to be used on risk situations in which astronauts wouldn't had oxygen or water resources.

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  • Manuel Barrutia