Gravity Now! is an educational platform that pretends to be a most valuable resource for teaching the physical phenomenon, known as gravity. Combining theoretical basis with practical tools, generating real-time calculation of the gravity at any geographic location on the earth and a mobile app that lets you know the exact value of the gravity in the point where you are located; Gravity Now complements theory with practice for the best results in teaching.

This project is solving the Gravity Map challenge.


It is an educational platform that aims to be the # 1 tool for teaching the physical sciences related to gravity. Gravity Now! uses an advanced mapping and real-time processing for interactive calculation of gravity at any point on the planet. Furthermore, Gravity Now! explains briefly and easily understandable way, the theoretical basis used for the calculations shown in the system. Thus, the theory and practice by promoting education and motivation-people-in complements.

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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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jQuery -
GeoNames (Elevation - SRTM3, Api) -
Nokia Here -‎
SensorsONE (Gravity Calculator) -
Free Air Correction (Wikipedia) -
International Gravity Formula -
SQLite Tutorial (Windows Phone) -
amChartsQuickCharts -
Image Tools -
Json.NET -
sqlite-net -
sqlite-net-wp8 -
Windows Phone Toolkit (Kinnara's Fork) -
Code Igniter -
SourceTree (subversion software) -
Planetary Fact Sheet (NASA) -
The Wet Zone (previous mapping project) -
Gravity (Wikipedia) -
Remote Device Access for Nokia Lumia -
Start using RDA Now -
Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Phone -
SQLite (Precompiled Binaries for Windows Phone 8) -
YouTube Audio Library -
Windows Phone Power Tools -
Gravity Now! Video -
Gravity Now! Express -
Microsoft Azure -


  • Edgar Regalado
  • Federico Navarrete