Gravity mApp is an interactive app developed to achieve the NASA Apps Challenge, by displaying the gravity force according to your position on Earth or any other planet of Solar System.

This project is solving the Gravity Map challenge.


This project aims to solve the NASA Apps Challenge to create an interactive Gravity Map combining data base from GOCE/GRACE resources to display the gravity force according to the user´s location (provided by a GPS). The output will be displayed as a numeric value.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL:


Gravity mApp Web page -


  • Diego Jacobs
  • Hugo Oliveros
  • pablo diaz
  • Adolfo Morales
  • William Fuentes
  • Rocío  Carpio
  • Kevin García
  • Luis Alfonso Martinez Solis
  • Diego Jacobs
  • Sergio  Gomez
  • Daniel Orozco