The purpose of our project -"Gravity Maps"- was to give the whole team a better understanding not only on how an app is created but especially on how scientific data are applied on it. We learned how to calculate exactly the gravity field of the earth based on data that GRACE gravity model could offer us and considered all the parametres that interfere to this calculation. All the calculations needed were made on WOLFRAM MATHEMATICA and Microsoft Office-Excel.

This project is solving the Gravity Map challenge.


Even though our project didn't reach its initial goal as the whole team was non-experts and didn't have much experience on mathematical software or other programming languages, we tried to do our best by using Wolfram Mathematica software, as we had a better knwledge of it. As far as we noticed, there was not a team that used the particular software-so it might be much more useful if someone is willing to develop it based on Mathematica. All the members of our team insist on the idea that knowledge must be shared to everyone in order to evolve ourselves. The world must have the opportunity of the "open source" idea.

Project Information

License: NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3)

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  • Evangelia Samara