Do you know what experiments are going on at the International Space Station right now? The answer will likely be a resounding ¨yes¨, once we have this app built! :-D #humanspaceflight


In my 15+ years experience from working at NASA as an independent contractor I have learned quite a lot about the organization´s culture and my area of expertise. I´m now increasingly interested in experiments taking place at the International Space Station for two main reasons. One, to show my friends the cool experiments taking place at the Station, the other, to search for projects where small businesses -like us- can learn and identify opportunities that will help them eventually win a contract.

From my perspective, NASA is a great place where Space and Earth Science R&D are taking place, and I believe we (as members of the community) need to be proactive in proposing and building practical tools for such an inspiring agency´s work to translate into more public engagement and small business participation.

Current NASA web sites that provide information about ISS experiments, even the crew activities´, don´t seem to be engaging, at all. As an entrepreneur I find it very hard to identify opportunities and/or initially collaborate with a research group.

Perhaps an app known to the public is the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). I propose building an app that be very simple yet powerful to engage more people than ever before.

Here are a few URLs with information I believe can be made a lot more user-friendly and improved:



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