A simulator which allows the user to choose options for a greenhouse and deploy it in different environments. The user can maintain expand and upgrade the greenhouse as the colony grows. Source code for both the test client and simulation server are available on github (links are in the resources section below)

This project is solving the Growing Food for a Martian Table challenge.


We aim to capture the different mission parameters of this challenge by allowing the user to specify an greenhouse and simulate the effects of different environments.

We hope to include lots of information about the science and technology aspects of the challenge and make the simulation entertaining to encourage problem solving aspects of the problem.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/smillie/EDEN


Main Simulation Server - https://github.com/smillie/EDEN
Client for Simulation Server - https://github.com/c0n5pir4cy/EDEN-client
Resources and Design In Repository - https://github.com/smillie/EDEN/tree/master/media


  • Jamie Stevenson
  • Peter Kinnaird
  • Andrew Smillie