An idea of creating a webpage browser that focus on searching earth images of past events (e.g. hurricane, thunderstorm, etc on certain date at certain place). The propose browser will collect images taken from satellites and also from the surface of the earth (picture taken by human) from the user chosen event. The purpose is to let user makes a connection between the two image collections and understand what's happening on the earth.

This project is solving the A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words challenge.


The aim of the project is to let users increase their knowledge and analyze a certain chosen event at specific location on the earth by giving them collection of images - instead of just text info; of the chosen event, (in another word - explaining by showing instead of telling). This will interest student, researchers and expert alike.

The idea is to create a webpage that act as a browser that solely search earth events (e.g. hurricane Katrina) by collecting two different image collections. First is the earth images taken from the satellites; and second is the images taken from the surface. These images that have been collected will later be organized by the browser side by side. If available, the webpage will also collect some information of the event and include it in the overall search.

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)


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  • Hadi Affendy Dahlan
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  • De Chen Lee
  • Zi Yang Koo
  • Hadi Affendy Dahlan