This project aim to use the data obtained with the Deep Space Network to position mission in the solar sytem.

This project is solving the Space Mission Roadmap challenge.


We use the date, longitude, latitude of DSN antennae combine to the antennae signal delay, elevation and azimuth. This gives us a set of vectors that we can use to position the mission communicating with the antennae.

Our approach takes the vector from Sun to Earth at the specific date, the mean earth-sun distance, the vector from the earth center to the antenna longitude and latitude with mean earth radius and the vector from azimuth and elevation with the distance of the light travelling during half of the communication delay. We have to add all theses vectors in the Sun coordinate system. First we find the values for the R (Sun-Earth) then we make the sum of the two other vectors and we rotate that sum by -23,4 degrees around the X axis to correct for earth's ecliptic. All coordinates are converted to Cartesian and then are added to position the mission relative to the Sun.

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)



  • charles tremblay
  • LUCCIONI Jean-Baptiste