The project Drive on Earth is a Windows 8.1 store application for laptop and tablets which provides its users to Navigate through different parts of Earth via Global Positioning System. This is capable of notifying your current GPS location , you can share it on your social media. Set your destination via Draggable Pushpin. Maintaining a path in between your destination and source ie your current location. Alarm ringing when you reach at your destination. Except this you can Drive on Earth via a car which will run on Globe via your keyboard navigation keys is the plus point.

This project is solving the Earth Observation Visualization challenge.


The Project Drive on Earth achieves the major of Challenge Earth observation visualization. The users will never ever miss their bus stop if they are travelling through Bus. The people who are new in a city they can use this application to drive through the map of that city. There is no need to worry about.

Project Information

License: Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)

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  • Abbas Majeed
  • fateh ullah
  • Muhammad Abubaker