This project is solving the Gravity Map challenge.

The aim of this project is to combine gravity data from space missions, like GOCE and GRACE, with crowdsourcing data from smartphones. Users will be able to both see the gravity measured by the space missions and send their own measurements to create a crowdsourcing gravity map.

The project consists on:

  • DB with GOCE/GRACE data accessible through a REST API.
  • DB with crowdsourcing gravity data accessible through a REST API.
  • Application for Android to both visualize data and send sensor data.
  • Web application to visualize GOCE/GRACE and crowdsourcing gravity maps.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL:



  • Iñigo Hernáez
  • Ander Goiriena
  • Diego Gil
  • Arkaitz Etxezarreta
  • Mikel Díaz de Arcaya