It is an application designed for android and apple soft wares where you can actually view NASA satellite's pictures of earth taken from space. This pictures reveal Earth as an amazing work of art; they look like abstract paintings! You can share them with your friends using social networks such as twitter, tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram from your mobile device. This project consists of a prototype of this application named "Cosmic Art."

This project is solving the Earth As Art challenge.


We live in a beautiful planet, and daily satellites generate gorgeous pictures of earth. So why not share that beauty with the people around us? This app will allow users to share pictures taken by NASA's satellites using their social networking accounts. Here you can upload and download your favorite pictures of earth viewed from space. Enjoy the experience of transporting yourself to space and let your imagination flow.

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License: Fair License (Fair)

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  • Maybellyne Alferez
  • Ariana Flamenco
  • Miguel Calderon
  • Melissa Valle
  • Lorena Zablah
  • Ruth Cortez