Constelatio is the first open-source platform for sharing crowd-sourced asteroid imagery! Including observations that have already have been logged, as well as newly observed Near Earth Objects. Users can visualize the orbit of the asteroids on the website.

This project is solving the Asteroid Imagery Sharing challenge.


Constelatio is a web application allowing users to share their most recent NEOs imagery, with observation data as well. Users will be able to upload and comment the images. We also provide a interactive orbital visualisation tool from asteroids' observation data fetched from our database.

We aim to provide direct integration with astronomical software in the near future, as well as constant updates from the MPC (if we can).

Technologies : Angular.js, CoffeeScript, Jade, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Three.js

The project will be probably continued after Nasa Space Apps Challenge, no matter what happens there (except if we are kidnapped by aliens, of course).

// Project Status //
[Main features]

  • Landing page finished and running, fully responsive.
  • Front-end development around 95% completed.
  • Back-end development around 80% completed.
  • Search system running, with autocompletion.
  • Comment system running.

// TODO // (to be completed and improved)

Still to do with priority order (greater priority to lower)
* Finish back-end integration.
- user profile/upload system.
- caching/pagination.

[In the near future] - Integrate with tools like Astronomica. - Handle FITS files in upload. - Integrate effective risk assessment impact tool. - Provide alert/visualization if probability of impact is superior to certain percentage.

Our team will be at Nasa Space Apps Challenge @London this weekend. See you there ! Feel free to contact me at : [email protected] or any member of the team if you want to contribute to this awesome project :-)

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Elias Khoury
  • Leon Pegg
  • Derek Jones
  • Freddie Barr-Smith
  • Florian Rathgeber
  • Matthieu Rigolot