This project is designed to help people in the coastal area by providing impending storm/inundation alerts, past information and insight about coastal hazards, and most importantly assistance during the hazard times by obtaining his location. People and Cattle inhabiting in the coastal area are always in danger of storm and inundation which can impact acutely to their lives, businesses and environment. To help them with necessary information such as alerts, evacuation routes, medical emergency can be a great challenge during a cyclone or hurricane. The Coast Mate Mobile application will help them to get all these instantly in their cell phones.

This project is solving the Coastal Inundation in Your Community challenge.


Living in the shore of Bay of Bengal we have been experiencing the crude impacts of environmental hazards for long enough. We understand, some pieces of information can save thousand of lives. This is our effort to people inhabiting all the coastal areas in the earth, so that they can get the best information when needed. A simple mobile application can be a great relief to many people residing in coastal areas who are always in danger of cyclone or any other kind of environment hazards. Coastal areas are always vulnerable to environmental impacts due to its geographic location. During a hazard, it might be impossible to get proper information about assistance and alerts. This can be said without any doubt that, some pieces of information can save a lot of life and their assets. So, the Coastguard mobile application aims to provide the information that are immensely necessary specifically based on everyone’s own community. The app aims to provide 3 kinds of information which are updated and based on location. Definitely through which, we will achieve the goal to provide maximum support to the coastal inhabitants. The focus area of the app are discussed below: 1. Alert: This feature will give updated alert through the cell phone so that everyone can be aware about what is coming and take necessary preparation according to this. The alerts are updated and collected from National agencies. 2. Assistance: By obtaining the location of any people in danger, it will provide him necessary information about his nearby evacuation routes, medical emergency etc. It will also provide a communication portal through which people can seek help to agencies, who will be working in that moment. 3. Info: This is the feature that will give information and insight about past hazards in that particular area. This information will help people take decision about how to live safely in that particular area. The ultimate aim is to provide necessary information which will help achieving the goal to protect coastal people from environment hazards.

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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Kazi Mohammad Razin Anik
  • Papia Chowdhury
  • Amimul Hossain
  • Farzana Alam
  • MD. Aminul  Islam