The project “BFU observer” aims to create mini radar system which works like modern Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems. The team consists of 5 students learning Informatics and Computer Scineces in Faculty of Computer and Technical Sciences at Burgas Free University. The project consists of two parts: hardware system and software. The hardware system is developed based on modified MTI miniSAR design by the Master Degree student Dimitar Tonev with assistance of Bachelor Degree student Daniel Nikov. The software processing program is developed by Bianca Oliveira, Galina Velichkova and Stefani Nikolova.

This project is solving the Earth Observation Visualization challenge.


SAR is a coherent system that uses mutual radial displacement both of the system itself and the object of interest to obtain Doppler information and define azimuth resolution and wideband emitted signal to realize range resolution. The object of observation is illuminated by high frequency electromagnetic waves with continuous wave triangle linear frequency modulation and emitted by the transmitting antenna. Reflected by the object signals are obtained by receiving antenna, demodulated and amplified in low frequency part of the receiver. Then the signal is processed with software program in Matlab environment to extract geometrical features of the object of observation.

Technical characteristic of the hardware system:

Carrier frequency: 2.3 GHz.

Output power: 10 mW.

Triangle voltage amplitude: 5 V.

Triangle voltage frequency: 1 KHz.

Range resolution: 8-10 m.

Azimuth resolution: 8-10 m.

Range of observation 1 Km.

Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL:



  • Dimitar Tonev
  • Bianca Oliveira
  • Stefani Nikolova
  • Daniel Nikov
  • Galina Velichkova