AstroMap aims to bring together space enthusiasts and photographers alike into an asteroid-watching platform. Users can see the star-map and see an asteroid's orbit movement, coordinates, destinations, and even pictures!

This project is solving the Asteroid Imagery Sharing challenge.


The core mission of AstroMap is to essentially create a photo-sharing platform where information is crowd-sourced from people all over the world. Through creating a back-end that feeds the coordinate data of moving objects in space, along with pictures from NASA and users, we can create a tracking map of the historical and projected trajectory of asteroids in space. Paired up with users that can upload photos of planetary objects from all over the world, AstroMap allows the public to see how asteroids look from different parts of the world. Essentially, this application will serve as a social media mapper for asteroid lovers!

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Jeremy Vo
  • Peter Lu
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Olav Jordan
  • Jim Rootham
  • Jeremy Vo