Taking care of your space data and displaying it in a friendly way.

This project is solving the SpaceT challenge.


The project is an open source cloud platform that allows astronauts, pilots and space tourists to send data to Earth and NASA. This is accomplished by synchronizing the data with the cloud servers. The platform can be easily integrated with different wearable devices to send live data. We have also developed a program that easily saves the astronomic data and synchronizes with the platform whenever an internet connection is available.

To achieve all this we use latest cloud technologies and devices. Our software stack includes node.js, MongoDb and angular.js and the devices that we are using at the moment are the open source Raspberry Pi project and the latest Pebble smart watch, but the platform is open to extension on virtually every internet-enabled device. Our platform is planned to support biometric and telemetric data and can be extended by everyone.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Nikolay Kostov
  • Lyubomir Georgiev
  • Todor Stoyanov
  • Ivaylo Kenov
  • Vasil Dininski