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  • For the second consecutive year, Toulouse, first city in France in the field of aeronautics and space, joins the International Space Apps Challenge! 

    This participation is supported by La Cantine Toulouse, a major digital space and a landmark for all digital communities in the South West. 

    La Cantine Toulouse organizes Space Apps 2014 in close collaboration with La Cantine Paris and le FabLab Toulouse. Experts from CNES (National Center for Spatial Researches) will be present throughout the weekend to help participants to answer the challenges!

    Other information concernant Space challenge in Toulouse:

    For the first time, CNES and its partners organize ActInSpace, inspired by the “hackathons”, on 23th and 24th of May 2014.

     This 24 hours event, opened to a general public will take place in many French cities such as Toulouse, Bidart, Paris,

    Sophia Antipolis, Toulon and Guyana at the same time. It provides a unique opportunity for CNES and its partners

    to advance technology development while engaging the candidates in meaningful participatory exploration.

    Students, entrepreneurs, researchers, developers, job-seeker, creative, experts and all spatial lovers, will create teams

    in order to tackle one of the several challenges posed by CNES.

     The aim is not only introducing the students to the stakes of Space, but also enabling to foster vocations,

    developing innovative ideas and finally stimulating entrepreneurship.  

    More informations:

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    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    SpaceCoop - SpaceCoop



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  • The following projects were worked on at Toulouse:

    • SpaceCoop

      Project Members from this location
      • Vincent Bonnin
      • César Prouté
      • Thibault VIEL
      • Vicente Almonacid
      • Benjamin VADANT
      • Vincent Masson
      • Benjamin VADANT

      Space Coop

      Our challenge

      We decided to choose the #convertyoursmartphone challenge. The aim is to modify thanks to a "USB Dongle" a smartphone into a satellite. We thought that making only one satellite was a little bit limited !

      So we changed the challenge scope and... Visit Project