Faculdade dos Guararapes
  • Agenda

    Sexta, 11 de abril
    19:00 h A
    bertura + regras 
    20:00 h

    Sábado, 12 de abril

    08:00 h Credenciamento
    08:30 h Divisão das equipes e inicio do desenvolvimento
    12:30 h Intervalo para Almoço
    13:30 h Desenvolvimento
    16:00 h Coffe Break
    16:30 h Briefing com o progresso dos projetos, mais desenvolvimento.
    17:00 h Termíno das atividades de sábado.

    Domingo, 13 de Abril 

    09:00 h Briefing com o progresso dos projetos
    09:30 h Desenvolvimento
    12:30 h Intervalo para Almoço
    14:30 h Apresentação dos projetos
    15:00 h Votação dos juízes
    15:30 h Coffe Break
    16:00 h Premiação
    17:00 h Encerramento da Maratona.

    As soluções para os problemas propostos serão desenvolvidas de maneira colaborativa.
    Se você ainda não conhece os desafios, não deixe de conferir!

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Best Mission Concept


    Most Inspiring

    SkyON Colaborative Platform and Weather Station

    People's choice

    Climate Alert

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    - Explorer
    - SkyON Colaborative Platform and Weather Station
    - Climate Alert



    Faculdade dos GuararapesMap it
    Faculdade dos Guararapes
    R. Comendador José Didier, N° 27, Piedade
    Recife, PE

    Vitoria Vasconcelos
    Email Vitoria
    Karina Machado
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    Leonardo Lima
    Email Leonardo
  • The following projects were worked on at Recife:

    • SatQuiZ

      Project Members from this location
      • Douglas  Cândido
      • matheus uehara
      • Tiago Chevin
      • Guilherme Lins

      A game where you have to find out the location of a particular image on earth, with relevance to national locations (depending on the user) or International with locations around the world

      Visit Project

    • SkyON Colaborative Platform and Weather Station

      Project Members from this location
      • Maria Palloma
      • Yelken Gonzales
      • Lidiane  Monteiro
      • Antonio Fernandes de Carvalho

      SkyON is a platform for weather data with the main objective to provide greater control over climate change on Earth.

      The program consists of three key parts: (1) reading equipment of meteorological data, (2) central data processing and data mining, and most importantly, (3) arbitrary ... Visit Project

    • Robozika BR-PE

      Project Members from this location
      • Marilia Azevedo
      • Lucas Daniel  de Andrade
      • davi hirafuji
      • arthur costa da silva

      Proposed Solution ; The ExoMars Rover inspired by the model will be developed in pursuit of improved functioning in parts of communication , sensory and collision with solid compounds . Its skeleton is based parti a simple inspiration of nature , the sphere . The idea to hold a " round " model... Visit Project

    • Climate Alert

      Project Members from this location
      • Viviane Lyrio
      • Lhaís Silva
      • Maria Josilene Santana

      Climate Alert Project is based in the NASA database of climate projections which have location, precipitation and temperature information, this datas had been acessed with Opennexapp. The mobile aplication for Android had been developed in App Inventor, an easy programming tool.

      Climat... Visit Project

    • Explorer

      Project Members from this location
      • Décio Silva
      • Arthur pires
      • Rafael Rafa
      • Lucas Apolinário

      Explorer is a Side Scrolling Game, which contains a plot in which the Earth needs a few features not found here to remain stable.

      For this, the player will have to venture out to explore the vast Solar System in search of these resources extracted from Asteroids.

      Throughout the g... Visit Project