Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA
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    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    People's Choice - To Be Determined
    Best Mission Concept - C.O.G.S Project - CubeSat Open-Source Ground Station Project


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    816 Broad St
    Augusta, GA
    United States

    Eric Parker
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  • The following projects were worked on at Augusta, GA:

    • C.O.G.S Project - CubeSat Open-Source Ground Station Project

      Project Members from this location
      • Vinnie Ingallinera
      • Charles Gantt
      • Michael McDargh
      • Eric Harrison
      • Eric Parker
      • Grace Belangia
      • Eric Parker

      C.O.G.S. aims to develop a UHF antenna platform designed to search for, lock on to, and collect CubeSat signals through an affordable X,Y axis (pan and tilt) system allowing for precise line-of-site signal reception of passing overhead CubeSats. Secondly, the signals will be collected using ch... Visit Project

    • To Be Determined

      Project Members from this location
      • chloe parker

      To Be Determined is a card game exploring the potentials of asteroid mining. You play as a space ship traveling through your solar systems asteroid belt, gathering resources your planet needs to survive.

      The game mechanics based on the popular card game Munchkins.

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