Challenge themes

These challenges are designed to serve as an inspiration for your work and as a platform for the global community to work together. For that reason, we encourage you to join with others around the world during the event to create a collaborative solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose a challenge?

    You can choose any challenge that captures your imagination and uses your skills. Local events will choose a subset of projects to help focus their teams, but you can work on any of the offered projects (or create-your-own if you need to).

  • How do I find a team?

    When you arrive at your event, there will be a number of focus challenges, and teams will be created from participants interested in working on particular projects. Virtual participants will join an 'on boarding session' online during the weekend where they can find collaborators from local events or among other virtual participants.

  • Can I start now?

    You absolutely can start now even though we hope you will do most of the work over the weekend so that you can work collaboratively with others. The idea is not for you to just build the best app ever. It's to create a team who will do something better than any of us can do on our own.

  • How will I submit a solution?

    Registered participants will be able to submit their projects online for judging at during the event weekend from 12-13 April 2014.

  • How will projects be judged?

    Projects will be judged at the global level by a NASA panel in 5 categories: Best Use of Hardware, Best Use of Data, Most Inspiring, Galactic Impact, Best Mission Concept. A 6th award will be publicly determined in the People's Choice category. Find more details here.