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2013 Solution

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    Data Visualization, Imagery

    We make it simple to find out what our space-based telescopes are observing and when. SpaceCalNYC plots each observation against a beautiful image of our galaxy, lets visitors click targets to get additional details, and links to images when available. It provides a calendar-style listing of observations and the data can be filtered by date, observed object, or observing telescope. The database is updated daily. Finally, if text files are your thing it lets you export observations as plain text.

    This project is solving the My Space Cal challenge.


    A full featured replacement for with better visualization of data and easier data export for scientists.
Check out our Website at Follow us on Twitter at @spacecalnyc

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    • My Space Cal

      Functional Specifications: A first set-up of the project was done (, but it is not satisfactory yet. Clearly, a different touch is needed: things need to be improved or changed, and speeded up. Are there alternative ways to retrieve and display the data? We encourage creative en... Visit Project

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