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    Designed by American Nicaraguan School middle school students, iSpot it! focuses on the social aspects of the ISS with the intention of creating awareness, staying connected and making the ISS fun! The iSpot it! iPhone/iPad app allows you to have all of the ISS social media links in the palm of your hand, the ability to track your location and share it when the ISS has been spotted, a link to watch the USStream LIVE CAM and a page to join the mailing list to receive alerts. Let's Spot it!

    This project is solving the Spot the Station challenge.


    DID YOU SPOT IT? SHARE IT! : This page of the iPhone app utilizes the Geolocation functionality of the iPhone to determine the users location. A map pops up and shows the users location. Once the location is tracked the user can share their sighting to their facebook or twitter page by clicking on the "share" buttons in the bottom of the screen.

    LIVE CAM! The live Cam page is directly linked to the ISS USStream Channel that broadcasts live from the ISS. We have witnessed astronauts inside the International Space Station in real time floating inside (see screenshot). Other times the camera has been placed on the outer part of the station and we have seen the earth from above. Love this feature, it's our new favorite channel to watch!

    CONNECT : The connect page has the five most relevant social media sites linked to each button in order to communicate and stay connected with the ISS in Space and on earth. The Station FB button redirects the user to the International Space Station's Facebook page. The Station Astronauts button redirects the user to the twitter page where the astronauts in the current mission are tweeting from within the ISS. The Station Research button redirects the user to the twitter account in the Station's research Center on earth. The Station You Tube and Flickr buttons redirect the user to the archived videos and photos of the ISS.

    GET ALERTS : This page allows the user to submit the required fields found in the NASA ISS page that allows the user to subscribe to the service of receiving alerts when the ISS will be passing overhead. Country, State/Region, City, and Email are input by the user in the fields and are automatically sent to the pre programmed email address from within NASA's subscription service page.

    INFO PAGE: This screen offers a summarized description of the ISS to help educate those who are not yet aware of the ISS.

    Let's Spot it!

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