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    CubeWorld is a community where users and universities can develop their own CubeSat missions by proposing them and receiving feedback from other enthusiasts. They will find all the information they need to develop a CubeSat mission, and the community will encourage to create realistic trajectories to reach their targets. The community uses the Ames Research Center's Trajectory Browser to develop a possible mission. It has been developed by students for people with all range of knowledge.

    This project is solving the CubeSats for Asteroid Exploration challenge.


    The Space, the greatest mystery of mankind. but in 1999, something was up to change. That year the CubeSat was born.

    CubeSats are small satellites that typically cost under 50,000 dollars. Many enthusiasts were able to send a mission, but there was not a place to propose your own projects, until now.

    We have developed a community, where you can find information about these tiny satellites, the missions already done, the future workshops, and a more accessible trajectory designer, and the most important, a community. We even have an adictive game.

    Here you have the opportunity to propose all the missions you would like to do, such as getting information about planets, or tracking asteroids to stop them in time.

    Let´s start your space adventure!

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