Yorbit was created at Space Apps Kansas City as a way to search, personalize, and share the stunning photographs captured by NASA satellites orbiting high above Earth. Searching by date and image, users can choose images from unique maps and write message on the image to share using social media or email. This project solves the Earth As Art challenge.

This project is solving the Earth As Art challenge.


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Our Mission

The mission of Yorbit is to give people a deeper, more unique perspective to specific times and places in their lives through an easy-to-use tool for searching, sharing and personalizing beautiful NASA images of the Earth.

API Usage

Interfaced GIBS (Global Imagery Browse Services) API with Google maps to deliver satellite imagery of a specific location.

Access To The App

We're putting the finishing touches on Yorbit so you can explore personalize and share NASA's Earth art. You can sign up for early access at the Yorbit site.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/ingenology/yorbit


Yorbit website - http://yorb.it/
Yorbit video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL6pLJMAsVw


  • Alec Matlock
  • Ryan Schneider
  • Mark O'Renick
  • Jim Farnham
  • Katie Roebling
  • Scott Strickler
  • Doug Niccum
  • Ben Suh
  • Dan Salva