We're accumulating data from several locations with tools anyone in the world can buy cheaply and make easily. Our arduinos (with wifi) collect temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity, which gets recorded in real time to our open source API. By going to the web app, anyone can learn how to build a sensor that sends data to the same API. It's the Facebook of weather reporting: the more people join, the more data is accumulated, the more valuable it becomes.

This project is solving the Cool it! challenge.


For our team it was important to build simply and cheaply. It is also important for it to be built on open-source software, so it's accessible to a wide age range and income level.

It was also important to represent the data that was easily accessible and interactive for the general public.

So we found hardware that, altogether, costs under $100 to create the Arduino sensors -- a solution to one of the overall problem of access, and a solution to making the project a living, open-source, interactive system. Instructions on how to build this sensor, and how to push data to our API, are provided on the web app.

The custom-built, open-source API serves this data to our web app in real time -- every single time there is a change to data there is a push to the API via websockets. The API will provide four types of data over time:

  1. Temperature,
  2. Barometric pressure,
  3. Humidity, and
  4. Lcoation.

Visitors to the site can compare all four data types by region, as well as view the data in an interactive animation over time.

Project Information

License: Common Public Attribution License 1.0 (CPAL-1.0)

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  • Camille Lawrence
  • Alex Di Battista
  • Nicole Chung
  • Tessa Thornton